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BreathWalk - brings new life

The Power of Each Moment

Tatiana Muntean
Breathwalk Coach and Instructor
Health Coach, Yoga and BreathWalk instructor, public speaker.
Internationally acclaimed health and fitness trainer with the passion for helping everyone I encounter – both in my classes and off the mat – manifest their dreams.

In my life yoga was a game - changer, that helped me articulate and actualize my own and it is through my yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and online content that I aim to help find health and happiness.

From an early age, I was deeply invested in physical fitness, including martial arts, Chi Gong and Dances to Yoga, Meditation and BreathWalk.

The love of movement translates to a practice and teaching style that is both strong and graceful, challenging and grounding.

Call or write me and take on an exciting journey into a new world of harmony, peaceful mind, healthy body and ever ending inspirations!

What Does Breathwalk mean?

Breathwalk. What is it?
Breath for life
BreathWalk is a unique process in which conscious breathing is synchronized with walking, sound, and meditation. BreathWalk programs have a more active component than most walking meditations, so you will exercise when you meditate.

BreathWalk is not about how far you walk, how many calories you burn, how much effort was expended. It's about synchronizing the body, breath, and mind to the present moment, about experiencing a profound sense of connection with yourself and nature.

Come inspired and leave fulfilled. We guarantee that you will come back again…many times!
You definitely need BreathWalk, if:

  • You are overstressed or lacking energy
  • You don't sleep well
  • You have occasional headaches
  • You often suffer from negative emotions or depression
  • Stress knocks you out already for a long time
  • You have panic attacks, asthma attacks or shortness of breath
  • Your joints are sedentary and painful
  • Your posture is impaired
  • You are acutely dependent on food and weight more that you wish
What you will achieve after BreathWalk classes:
  • You'll get a good night's sleep
  • Your mood will improve
  • Stress will no longer be a problem for you
  • You will forget insomnia, high blood pressure and asthma outbreaks
  • The joints will improve
  • The posture will be aligned
  • Headaches will disappear
  • You will be happy with a small amount of food, your weight will come back to normal
  • You will become much more emotionally balanced
  • Your immune system will be significantly stronger
  • You will get rid of panic attacks

Structure. 5 phases of BreathWalk Progammes

Body, mind and soul are awakened and vitalized with breathing, stretching and dynamic asana of Kundalini Yoga.
With the first walking exercises, attention is directed to the movements of the body.
Now the walking and breathing become harmoniously attuned to each other. The Breathwalk begins.
The walk becomes slower. In the following stretching exercises, concentration is focused on all of the senses.
During the Inner Walk, which can be done during slow walking or while standing, the results of the exercises can be integrated into our body's system. Meditation at the end of every BreathWalk session leaves you invigorated, energized and at the same time concentrated, centered and relaxed.
Fresh Air Classes
Classes in Studio
Classes in Park
Face to Face
Three reasons to come
If you want to know what Breathwalk is and to feel a life inside after first lesson, I invite you on my First FREE LESSON
The First Reason is a New Life
For one class you will make 6,000 steps, and it will be much easier for you to add another 4,000 steps to reach the daily norm of 10,000.

You will perform dynamic exercises with special diaphragmatic breathing, which is known to improve digestion and lymphatic drainage, as well as help prevent stress and depression.

You will increase your immune system a great deal and forget about the season of colds and ailments.
The Second Reason is a Pure Consciousness
You will learn the secret techniques of Indian yogis and will be able to apply them in everyday life.

You will seamlessly introduce meditation into your daily life.

While performing exercises in the open air, you will be able noticeably slim, because - as you know - fat burns faster with special breathing techniques!
The Third Reason is a Calmness
You will be able to focus on the important and stop the flow of disparate thoughts.

Your fears and experiences will stay in the past and you will discover a whole new life full of energy, health and joy!
Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power.
"For the last five years, l have invited Gurucharan to teach breathwalking to several thousand of my students from forty-five foreign countries around the world. The techniques and practice of breathwalking create vitality and an alternative to traditional forms of exercise that can result in profound health through oxygenation to the body. It's part of my regimen and l recommend it wholeheartedly!".
Who can do BreathWalk?
Since BreathWalk is scalable, anyone who is physically fit enough to walk, pay attention and learn can benefit from doing Breathwalk. From the most sedentary person wanting to improve their fitness to extreme sports enthusiast who want to stay motivated and focused under stress, Breathwalk helps them reach their goals.

***Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.
How does BreathWalk change your mood?
Our experience has shown that you can conquer the most common forms of anxiety and moderate depression with an appropriate program of BreathWalk.

BreathWalk works very effectively to diminish negative mood states and boost positive ones and develop moods for mastery. The physiological shifts we can create with BreathWalk gradually build an easily accessible and stable base for positive moods.

How does BreathWalk influences your body?
There are powerful and rapid effects on the cardiovascular system. The research confirms that there are special patterns in our heart rhythm and in our walking gait that do in fact develop as we do a BreathWalk. When you do a BreathWalk, the pattern of your heartbeat changes in a special way. Just as there is a recognizable high-rate heartbeat pattern that comes from doing aerobics, there is a distinct signature in the heartbeat from BreathWalk. The aerobics heartbeat pattern results in a training effect that increases the body's ability to handle oxygen. The Breathwalk pattern shows the heartbeat running through a wide range of frequencies in a very short time period, promoting biologic flexibility. Biologic flexibility in turn has an important bearing upon overall wellness, because it reflects our ability to gain resilience and rebound under stressful situations.

If aerobic exercise resembles the pure power of a single frequency emanating from a strong radio station, then Breathwalk looks like the many frequencies mixed into complex and richly textured patterns. One is a tone, the other melody, chords and harmonies. It is like comparing loud noise to sophisticated music. Breathwalk stimulates resiliency, rebound capacity, refinement, range, and flexibility--all adding up to awareness. And awareness adds another dimension to vitality that goes beyond aerobics, and beyond the merely physical.
How BreathWalk changes your Visual Focus?
We have noticed directly and experientially, however, that the quality of our own vision--how clearly we see things--drastically improves in those who Breathwalk. First time Breathwalkers frequently report that an amazing clarity comes over their vision; everything becomes more vivid. Depth of field, clarity of detail and visual acuity all increase. People report experiences of delight as they seem to flow through an intensified sensation of three-dimensional space--an extended sensitivity of the body.

BreathWalk has the power to release us from the patterns of inner tension and free up our vision. Science has confirmed what yogic tradition has long taught. The pathway between our eyes and our brain works as a two-way street. Our eyes respond with pleasure to arousal and to certain ordered patterns. That arousal can come from either the exterior environment or from inside the nervous system. The brain influences what you can see, and what you can see influences the brain. By stimulating our brain in BreathWalk we can gain insight in our inner world and in our visions of the outer world. We open the way for stronger and richer connections.
How BreathWalk influences your body structure, look and fat reserves?
We noticed that as a side effect of this therapeutic exercise people were looking access weight and the fat layers were gradually diminished.

The skin became younger and fresher. The visual aging signs became lighter and mesotherapy effect could be reached by practicing BreathWalk program that is intended for regeneration.
How to dress and what to bring with you for the BreathWalk class?
In the BreathWalk practice, breathing is particular important, so fresh air will make classes even more useful, sun will lift the mood and fill you up with energy.

We will be performing dynamic set of exercises with special breathing, most of which are performed while standing or walking. You don't need a yoga mat. On average, you will take 5,000 steps per class.

Clothes and shoes are sporty, dress up as you would for a quick walk or Nordic Walk. Preferably clothes with "quick dry" system.

In winter, light ski clothing, waterproof shoes and a light hat will also be suitable.

Bring a light backpack with water. Hands should be free when walking, as the fingers will also perform various exercises, stimulating the brain, improving memory, observation, concentration.

We also recommend glasses that will protect you from sun and wind.

Start practicing and with time you will determine what is comfortable and good for you.

See you in the beautiful Vienna parks!
Thank you for feedback
They motivate me to be better
BreathWalk is a very interesting way of combining yoga into everyday walking and everyday life. I have never heard of it before, but do believe it helps us relax from our crazy days! Tatiana Muntean is a wonderful instructor!!! She is full of happiness, positiveness, and is ready to share her joy with her new students! After an hour with her, your day seems to flow by in a very tranquil way!! Tatiana is very professional and always has different topics to offer to the ones who go regularly.
Tatiana Drahun, North Carolina, USA
Thank you so much for a great feeling of relaxation and at the ssme time focus on what is really inportant. I feel like I worked out or got a massage. BreathWalk with Tatiana is amazing!
Paul, Vienna
Tatiana is a master of the BreathWalk therapy. Highly reccomended.
Rodoslav, Monaco
I will join you again on Friday finaly, cannot breath without you.
Irina, Vienna
Thank you for sharing this amazing program with us! For me it was really all I needed in my life! I used to be very much aligned with the universe, you know the kind of state where you see the signs, have faith that it would guide you to the place where you're supposed to be, and when you're life is a constant joyful conversation with the universe. At a certain point I lost this alignment, and I've been looking for it for over a year now! Doing this practice set me on the perfect path now! I feel like the universe is finally talking to me again! (although I'm sure it talked up until now too... I just lost the ability to understand). So yeah! I feel pretty great!
Barby, Vienna
It was very interesting experience. Meditations helped me to relax and feeling better. Every day it was a new discovery for me. Thank you for your time and support.
Elena, Italy
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